Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Shadow Minister for Corrective Services - Tim Mander MP for Everton, Brisbane, Australia


Bikies are back - Labor caught out fudging figures...again!

Wed 2 Aug 2017

"Labor has rolled out the red carpet to criminal gangs and organised crime is starting to flourish again on the Gold Coast, which risks the safety of all Queenslanders," Mr Mander said.

LNP Shadow Police Minister Tim Mander said new figures revealed only 27 patched bikies had disassociated themselves in the first seven months of Labor's weak organised crime laws. He said this was in stark contrast to the 434 bikies that disassociated themselves under the LNP's tough criminal gang laws that Labor scrapped.

Mr Mander said Labor's much-hyped 'anti-consorting laws' had also been a complete failure resulting in only one conviction.

"Police Commissioner Ian Stewart confirmed at recent Estimates Hearings that Labor's anti-consorting laws were difficult to enforce," he said.


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Wolston Correctional Centre

Tue 4 Apr 2017

"Today's reports of chronic understaffing at Wolston Correctional Centre are deeply concerning, with prison officers fearing they are more susceptible to a riot or major incident", Mr Mander said.

Sadly, our prisons have already turned into flight clubs under Annastacia Palaszcuk because of massive overcrowding and no plan to fix the problem.

State-wide figures reveal a 90 per cent increase in assaults on our prison staff in the first six months of last year.

Our hard-working staff don't deserve to be treated as punching bags.

Labor has no control on crime in Queensland, both on the street and in our prisons.

Queensland is stagnating, the community is crying out for leadership and we have a Labor Government stuck in neutral.


Taking Ice Off Our Streets

Wed 15 Feb 2017


In recent years, we've seen an alarming spike in the use of the drug ice in regional and remote communities across Queensland.

Despite this growing scourge, it has taken the Palaszczuk Labor Government two years to announce a plan to tackle ice.

Unlike this do-nothing Government, the LNP has shown leadership.

Last year, we introduced a five-point action plan to take ice off our streets through crime prevention, drug addiction services and strong enforcement.


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LNP Stands Up for Domestic Violence Victims

Mon 13 Feb 2017


This week the LNP Opposition will introduce tough new laws to State Parliament to tackle the growing scourge of domestic violence in Everton and across the state.

"While the Palaszczuk Government has been sitting on their hands saying they will 'look into' strong domestic violence laws, the LNP has actually gone ahead and done it," Mr Mander said.

"We've seen far too many tradegies of late and the last thing we want to see is another one."


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LNP leading the way on domestic violence laws

Mon 6 Feb 2017


Three tough DV measures already announced by LNP with more to come next week.

LNP laws would ensure victims and families will be alerted when someone charged with domestic violence related crimes is being considered for, or has been granted bail.

Victims and families will also be alerted when someone with a DVO is being considered for parole, even if the reason they are in prison is not related to domestic violence.

LNP will reverse the presumption for bail in domestic violence-related crimes such as assault, grievous bodily harm, deprivation of liberty, strangulation and kidnapping.

LNP legislation to be introduced in first week of Parliament.

Talk is cheap, action is required - while Labor review, we will do.


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Queensland lives at risk while Labor sits on parole report

Tue 24 Jan 2017


The Palaszczuk Labor Government is refusing to release an independent review into much-needed changes to Queensland’s parole laws, despite having received the report two months ago.

On a visit to Townsville today Shadow Corrective Services Minister Tim Mander called for the Premier to release the Sofronoff report immediately to ensure critical reforms to parole were fast-tracked and dangerous criminals weren’t walking Queensland streets.

“The revolving door of parole must be shut for offenders that pose a risk to the community. Every day Labor deliberately dithers is another day the Premier puts Queenslanders lives at risk.”


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Killers who don’t reveal body location to rot in jail

Mon 28 Nov 2016
The LNP announces its No Body, No Parole policy to ensure the scales of justice are balanced in favour of victims not offenders
The LNP’s policy will put Queensland in line with South Australia, while New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia are considering implementing similar laws
The Palaszczuk Labor Government favours criminals ahead of victims and their loved ones
Convicted killers who fail to tell authorities where they have dumped a body will be refused parole under a tough new LNP policy aimed at empowering victims not offenders.
Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls said for far too long the scales of justice in Queensland put the rights of criminals ahead of community expectations and victims.
“A future LNP Government will implement No Body, No Parole laws in Queensland,” Mr Nicholls said.
“We will do this in consultation with victims groups, the parole board and key organisations involved in the justice system.
“This is all about criminals showing genuine remorse and giving families closure.”
Bruce and Denise Morcombe* said the LNP’s No Body, No Parole policy was a huge win for victims and their families.
Mr and Mrs Morcombe’s son, Daniel Morcombe, was abducted and murdered in December 2003, with the family forced to endure a decade-long wait before they could lay their son to rest.
“We applaud the No Body No Parole policy and support it,” Bruce and Denise Morcombe said.
“Our extensive travels around Queensland supporting the aims of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation have allowed us to engage with family members who have not had the opportunity to say farewell to a murdered loved one. 
“This policy will assist them greatly by providing some comfort with a place to reflect.”
Shadow Corrective Services Minister Tim Mander said the LNP’s policy would put Queensland in line with South Australia, while New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia were considering implementing similar laws.
“The Palaszczuk Labor Government is soft on crime and favours criminals ahead of victims,” Mr Mander said.
“While other states and territories have moved to implement strong parole reforms, Queensland Labor have sat idle with their heads in the sand, not wanting to upset the inner-city, bleeding heart brigade.
“Our laws will apply to offenders serving a jail sentence for murder or conspiracy to murder.
“To grant parole, the parole board must be satisfied the offender has co-operated to identify the location, or last known location, of the remains of the victim.
“This policy will apply to criminals who have not yet been released from jail on parole.”

Gold Coast braces for bikie comeback under Labor

Thu 24 Nov 2016
Gold Coast residents fearful of bikie return as Labor’s watered-down criminal gang laws are set to be debated in State Parliament next week
68 criminal gang members and associates are currently serving time in prison on 454 charges, including murder, assaults, drug offences, break and enter and motor vehicle offences – a further 33 are remanded in custody awaiting court
Under the LNP, Queensland had the strongest criminal gang laws in the country and they were working 
Gold Coast residents are bracing for a bikie comeback less than a week before the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s watered-down criminal gang laws will be debated in Queensland Parliament.
Shadow Police Minister and acting Shadow Attorney-General Tim Mander said newly released Government data showed 101 people, both alleged and convicted criminal gang members and associates, were currently serving time in Queensland prisons  – proof that the LNP’s strong criminal gang laws were cleaning up our streets.
“The Gold Coast has been the epicentre of bikie activity in Queensland and residents are terrified that Labor’s laws will open the door for their return,” Mr Mander said. 
“In the past, criminal gangs thought they could run this city, openly causing fear and intimidation in cafes and shopping centres, leaving families and children fearing for their lives.  
“Just yesterday we learnt that Taskforce Maxima and the Australian Border Force had busted an illegal weapons factory and drug laboratory in Nerang, leading to the arrest of five people.
“We can see that the current laws are working – with Government data showing 68 charged bikie members or associates are serving time in prison on 454 charges.
“These people have been charged with murder, drug offences, break and enter, unlawful use of motor vehicle and assault offences – to name a few.
“On top of this, a further 33 alleged gang members and associates have been remanded in custody facing charges. 
Mr Mander said the LNP’s laws gave police stronger powers and more resources to investigate criminal organisations – and the results were clear.
“Under the LNP, Queensland had the strongest criminal gang laws in the country – they were backed by every other mainland state and some even followed our lead,” Mr Mander said.
“If Labor’s laws are passed in Parliament next week, bikie clubhouses will reopen, bikies will be allowed to carry weapons and they will once again be free to run licensed premises.
“Gold Coast residents deserve more than this soft-on-crime Labor Government that refuses to put them first.” 

Wild Bill allows state jails to become fight clubs

State jails become fight clubs as assaults on staff increase by a staggering 83% in the first six months of the year
Bill Byrne needs to take responsibility for prison overcrowding that the ignorant Palaszczuk Labor Government has created 
Corrective services staff paying the price for Labor’s unwillingness to address this serious issue
The state’s jails have turned into fight clubs under Labor with new figures revealing assaults on prison staff increased by 83 per cent in the first six months of this year compared with last year.
Shadow Corrective Services Minister Tim Mander said there had been 133 prisoner assaults on officers over the past six months.
“Labor’s head in the sand approach to overcrowding has been the cause of this problem, and our corrective services staff are paying the price,” Mr Mander said.
“Prison officers shouldn’t have to become punching bags because the Palaszczuk Labor Government has dropped the ball.
“In Opposition, Bill Byrne said ‘the Corrective Services Minister needs to be held personally responsible’ for any incidents as a result of prison overcrowding.
“Bill Byrne must be suffering from selective memory loss now he is in government.
“The LNP had a $61 million plan to increase capacity by 650 beds across the state, but Annastacia Palaszczuk scrapped that plan when she assumed power.”
Mr Mander said it had not been a good time recently for under-performing Corrective Services Minister Bill Byrne.
“The Corrective Services Minister was embarrassingly slapped down by the Premier over his comments about overcrowding in our women’s prisons,” he said.
“Bill Byrne was happy for pregnant women to sleep on the floors of our prisons, which gave an interesting insight on his views towards women.
“This year, we have already seen strikes at five of Queensland’s largest prisons - Lotus Glen, Capricornia, Woodford, Brisbane and Wolston - from fed-up corrective services officers.
“The union* organising those strikes said as far back as May that rampant overcrowding had led to an increase in incidents and assaults involving prison staff.
“Rather than allocating blame, which is generally Labor’s way of dealing with issues, Bill Byrne should get on with fixing the problem that has occurred under his watch.”
* Michael Thomas, Together Union: “We have got a situation in Queensland at the moment where every single prison around the state is overcrowded – we’re seeing increases in assaults, increases in incidents – so, we’ve got a range of claims that we’ve been trying to pursue through bargaining.” ABC News: 16 May, 2016

Crime rates on the rise under soft-on-crime Labor

Mon 3 Oct 2016
Crime continues to rise under soft-on-crime Palaszczuk Labor Government with latest QPS data revealing 6 per cent increase in crime in last 12 months
Palaszczuk Government’s only plan to tackle crime is to wind back LNP’s strong laws that were cleaning up our streets
Labor takes credit for LNP’s homework by announcing “additional” police officers that had already been committed to by the former LNP Government
Queensland crime rates continue to rise under the soft-on-crime Palaszczuk Labor Government, with crime rates up by 6 per cent according to the latest Queensland Police Service data released today.
Shadow Police Minister Tim Mander said the 2015/16 Annual Statistical Review showed crime across the board was continuing to head in the wrong direction, with a rise in both violent and property offences across the State. 
“What more can we expect from this divided Labor Government – the same Government that has opened the door to criminal gangs, wound back strong youth justice laws and isn’t delivering the frontline services Queenslanders need,” Mr Mander said.
“Today’s results are a great concern for Queenslanders, particularly in our regions who are crying out for stronger laws to keep their families safe.
“Car thefts are up 10 per cent, assaults are up 12 per cent and we’ve seen a nearly four per cent increase in robberies.
“This is just further evidence that the Palaszczuk Government has no real plan but to wind back the LNP’s strong laws that were working.”
Mr Mander said Labor’s announcement of 266 “additional” police was simply a diversionary tactic to make it appear they were doing something. 
“Labor is simply handing in the LNP’s homework taking credit for additional police officers we had already committed to,” Mr Mander said.
“When in Government the LNP committed to 1100 extra police officers over four years and we delivered around 850 of them – today’s announcement is just the final instalment of that rollout.  
“Under the LNP crime rates dropped across the board with nearly 700 fewer assaults, around 7000 fewer homes and businesses broken into, over 2000 less cars stolen and over 400 less robberies in 2014/15.
“Our strong criminal gang laws combined with extra police on the beat were leading to real outcomes – all of which are being wound back by this asleep at the wheel Labor Government.

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