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Representing You

As your local State Member of Parliament, Tim is here to represent you and raise the issues that matter locally and statewide. 


Queensland Parliament provides a forum for debates, where Tim has the opportunity to raise important matters and keep the current Government to account. 

To learn more about what happens at Parliament House, see below:


Parliament Sitting Weeks

Every year, there are approximately 18 sitting weeks at Parliament House, when all Members of Parliament sit to examine current issues, government policies and action. 


As the local State Member for Everton, Tim acts as a representative for the constituents in the electorate and will often raise issues on behalf of the electorate and debate these matters in parliament. 


You can watch parliament live during sitting weeks, click here to log in


Visits to Parliament House

Tim has taken many community and school groups on tours through Parliament House.  

If you have a group who are interested in booking a tour with Tim, please visit Tim's contact page or phone the office on 3535 1100.

You can always go on a free guided tour around Parliament House, please click here for more information.

Qld Parliament Logo.jpg

Have Your Say

You can participate in Queensland's democratic process by:

If you would like to raise or discuss a matter with Tim, please be encouraged to contact Tim's office.

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