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Great Win for Youth Justice

After two years of campaigning, the LNP has had a win in the battle against youth crime with parliament agreeing to our push for breach of bail to be an offence for young offenders.

This is an acknowledgement from the Palaszczuk Government its decision to water down youth justice laws in 2015 has created a generation of repeat offenders.

But more needs to be done to help keep Queenslanders safe.

This is the first of many changes we are campaigning for. The current youth justice system is failing at both ends of the spectrum. Listening to Queenslanders we will continue to fight for:

− Removing the rule of detention as a last resort in sentencing and

− An independent audit of early intervention programs

Removing detention as a last resort unshackles the judiciary and gives them discretion to send youth criminals to detention when warranted.

We must also get serious about early intervention services to help guide kids back onto the rails before it’s too late.

Thank you for those that have written to me about this issue. I will continue to listen to constituents and work hard to make sure people feel safe in our community.

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