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Neighbour Day 2017

Tue 11 Apr 2017

Neighbour Day, featuring Madeleine Hicks Real Estate's Easter Egg Hunt, on Sunday 9th April at Teralba Park was a fantastic day!!

We had thousands of families come and join in the fun of picnic day races, inflatable soccer, face painting and a visit from the Easter Bunny.

A massive thank you to the community groups, schools, kindys and local businesses who came out to support and participate in the event.

It was fantastic to see so many people enjoying spending time out in the community. I'm looking forward to an even bigger and better event next year!


Support Walk for Youngcare and MS Queensland Albany Creek Apartments

Wed 29 Mar 2017


Youngcare at Albany Creek is on track to be the new home for eight  young people with high needs in 2017 to promote lives of choice,  independence and dignity!

The centre is holding an Open Day on 16 May 2017 commencing at 7am. To celebrate the opening of this facility, highlight the challenges for disabled young people and raise funds to purchase a motor vehicle for the residents, I am leading a group of walkers around the district on 16 May 2017 commencing at 8:30am from the Youngcare facility at Albany Creek. I will walk around the district, between three primary schools where the children will help me raise money to support this facility.

Please help support this fantastic facility which will make an invaluable difference to these young people's lives by donating here and liking/sharing this event on Facebook.

Every local business or individual who donates $200 or more can participate in the walk and will recieve a  framed certificate acknowledging their contribution, acknowledgement in Buzz Magazine and acknowledgement on the event's Facebook page.


Electricity Network Maintenance

Mon 20 Mar 2017

To ensure the ongoing safety and reliability of Powerlink Queensland's electricity network, low-flying helicopters will carry out routine maintenance inspections across Southern and Western Queensland until early May.

For more information, visit or call 1800 635 369.


Everton Hills Residents Appeal for Better Bus Service

Mon 20 Mar 2017

Member for Everton, Tim Mander, has endorsed a local petition to improve bus services for residents in Everton Hills.

He said the current routes no longer cater for current and future population growth in the vicinity of Henderson, Buckland and Bennetts Roads.

Mr Mander encourages every resident to sign the petition online at the Queensland Parliament website, in his office or at various local businesses, and join the campaign to improve these services so the traffic on our local roads doesn't grind to a halt in peak times in the next few years.


Read more.


No More Repairs for Eyesore Fencing

Fri 10 Mar 2017


A regular inspection of Old Northern Rd/South Pine Road prompted State Member for Everton, Tim Mander, to request some maintenance work along this road.

'With 52,000 vehicles using this road every day, it is important that the department prioritises safety for maintenance work and the comfort of local residents", Mr Mander said.

  • TMR have inspected fencing along South Pine Road opposite Eatons Hill Tavern and deemed it beyond repair - however any replacement fencing has not been budgeted for by the Palaszcuk government.
  • TMR have repaired broken panels for timber fencing between Wruck Crescent and Faheys Road.
  • TMR have advised they will clean the median strip on Old Northern Road between Faheys Road and Dargie Street.

Residents can always call or email the Everton Electorate Office or TMR directly on 13 19 40 with any issues about the maintenance and safety of our state roads.


Read more.


Stafford Road Asphalt Rehabilitation

Tue 7 Mar 2017

TMR have advised asphalt rehabilitation work along Stafford Road between South Pine Road and Shand/Appleby Road intersections.

Night works are expected to be carried out from 19 March until May 2017:

  • Monday to Saturday, 8pm - 5am

Possible impacts:

  • Increased dust, noise and lights, and possible vibration from construction equipment, reversing vehicles and activities on site are to be expected. Also a strong odour associated with asphalt during the laying process.
  • Possible delays in access to driveways during the works - traffic control will be present to assist motorists/pedestrians exiting/entering their driveways if needed.
  • Changed traffic conditions including minor delays, reduced speed limits, and lane closures are to be expected. Traffic control, police and road signage will be in place when required.

Every effort will be made to minimise the impact on the local community and we thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Taking Ice Off Our Streets

Wed 15 Feb 2017


In recent years, we've seen an alarming spike in the use of the drug ice in regional and remote communities.

Despite this growing scourge, it has taken the Palaszczuk Labor Government two years to announce a plan to tackle ice.

Unlike this do-nothing Government, the LNP has shown leadership.

Last year, we introduced a five-point action plan to take ice off our streets through crime prevention, drug addiction services and strong enforcement.


Read more

See the LNP's action plan


LNP leading the way on domestic violence laws

Mon 6 Feb 2017


Three tough DV measures already announced by LNP with more to come next week.

LNP laws would ensure victims and families will be alerted when someone charged with domestic violence related crimes is being considered for, or has been grant bail.

Victims and families will also be alerted when someone with a DVO is being considered for parole, even if the reason they are in prison is not related to domestic violence.

LNP will reverse the presumption for bail in domestic violence-related crimes such as assault, grievous bodily harm, deprivation of liberty, strangulation and kidnapping.

LNP legislation to be introduced in first week of Parliament.

Talk is cheap, action is required - while Labor review, we will do.


Read more


Queensland lives at risk while Labor sits on parole report

Tue 24 Jan 2017


The Palaszczuk Labor Government is refusing to release an independent review into much-needed changes to Queensland's parole laws, despite having received the report two months ago.

On a visit to Townsville today Shadow Corrective Services Minister Tim Mander called for the Premier to release the Sofronoff report immediately to ensure critical reforms to parole were fast-tracked and dangerous criminals weren't walking Queensland streets.

"The revolving door of parole must be shut for offenders that pose a risk to the community. Every day Labor deliberately dithers is another day the Premier puts Queensland lives at risk" said Mr Mander.

Read more


South Pine/Eatons Crossing Roads Intersection

Thu 3 Nov 2016


Traffic signals at this intersection were recently upgraded to include Emergency Vehicle Priority technology.

This enable emergency vehicles to automatically trigger traffic light sequences to change along the most direct route when responding to an emergency call.

This means a green traffic light signal is given to emergency vehicles, when safe to do so, in the direction of that emergency response call.

By clearing the path ahead emergency vehicles can respond quicker to emergencies.


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