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More crashes on this notorious stretch of Road

An upgrade of the Stafford/South Pine Rd intersection is long overdue, and I have been applying relentless pressure on the Government to act.  At the last election, the Government finally matched my commitment of $26 million for Stage 1 of this upgrade, with works promised to commence early this year. 

I've finally been advised that minor works will start in March and completed in April 2020.

Works will involve:

  • Relocation of overhead and underground services by Energex

  • Removal of trees and pruning to facilitate relocation works, mainly on the vacant land west of 672 Stafford Road

  • Demolition of houses at 672 and 689 Stafford Road including the removal of asbestos material.

I will continue to fight to make sure Stage 1 is completed. 

My goal now, after securing funding for Stage 1, is to get that completed, then lobby for funding to complete the total project. To date, there has been no funding allocated for Stage 2 and the cost will be approximately $100m.

The plans for Stage 2 have been finalised, click here

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