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Youth Crime Epidemic

Enough is enough! How many more tragedies have to occur before the Palaszczuk Government implements real reform to combat the youth crime crisis tearing our State apart.

Unfortunately, our district has not been immune from the youth crime crisis that has gripped our state. I’ve had a number of local residents come to my office to personally communicate the ordeal their families endured as victims of young criminals. Properties being broken into, cars and valuables stolen and in one incident, the offending youths returning on three occasions, the last time armed with a tomahawk to bash the front door in! These crimes have not only cost the victims thousands of dollars in damages, their trauma, as a result of these home invasions, is real and ongoing.

There must be consequences for actions, detention as a last resort must be removed and we need gold standard early intervention that diverts young offenders away from a life of crime.

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